I do believe everyone would like to become an entrepreneur and be their own boss, this is the way we’ve been socialized since young. The seed was planted a long time ago.

Working in a 9-5 job isn’t bad, I was holding positions in various multi-national companies for 8 years before coming out on my own. I do enjoy the office environment and have made many friends.

Nothing beats having the company of good colleagues, lunches and gossiping.

After 5 years of being my own boss, I STILL miss my colleagues and the nicer aspects of the corporate environment.

Working for other people is essentially a transaction where we trade time for money. Too many people burn their lives away doing that. This shouldn’t be the case.

We are all entrepreneurs at heart – everyone is unique with their own ideas and strengths!

Question is, how many people are actually brave enough to PURSUE THEIR DREAMS?

We only got ONE LIFE, and it’s a short one.

Time passes by like a bullet.

Sometimes the fear of insecurity and moving out of our comfort zones make us stay the way we are…forever.

Break free and achieve your dreams. That’s the ONLY way to move forward and live life with happiness and freedom.

Chase after the dreams and desires you had as a child – it’s never too late.

“Nothing changes until something changes.”

Remember, we’ve only got one life on this earth and time is moving faster than you know…

Go for it baby.