Pay per lead affiliate programs (PPL affiliate program) are often easier to profit from as well as more lucrative than pay per sale programs.

PPL, also known as CPA (cost per action) affiliate marketing involves getting people to fill out leads for commissions.

How does it work and how do you make money from it? Read on…


The Basics of How They Work

how Pay per lead affiliate programs work

Pay Per Lead affiliate programs span many industries – dating, finance, autos, health and more.

As an affiliate, your job is to send traffic to that site’s landing page. If that person fills out the form, you get paid.

For example,’s affiliate program pays about $4.20 per lead for a 6-field submit. When someone lands on from your affiliate link and fills out their name, gender, age, location, email address and sexual orientation, you get paid $4.20.

The benefit for promoting pay per lead affiliate programs is that visitors never have to take out their credit card.

That makes it a lot easier to make commissions, because asking someone to take out their credit card is such a huge commitment.


Finding Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

Finding Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

The first method is to use an offer search engine. At the time of this writing, OfferVault is the largest search engine for Pay Per Lead offers.

The second method is to join as many pay per lead affiliate programs networks as you can and manually go through the offers.

Joining the networks involves filling out a form telling them about your site or your marketing experience. They’ll then either approve or deny your application.

To ensure you get approved, the best thing you can do is call them right after sending in your application.

The most important concern for the network is to make sure you’re not a spammer or fraudulent affiliate, and calling them can build a lot of trust.


Evaluating Pay Per Lead Offers

Evaluating Pay Per Lead Offers

How do you know what a good offer is for you to promote? There are a few things to look for.

  • Payout – What does the offer pay out, compared to other similar offers in similar markets?
  • Number of fields – It’s much easier to get someone to fill out one field, (example: $1.20 just for an email address) than it is to get someone to fill out a 20-field form.
  • Landing page – Does the landing page look professional? Is it convincing? Would you fill it out? Use your intuition to decide whether or not you think the landing page will convert.

Make sure you read all the terms and conditions of each program you sign up for before sending traffic.

Some of them only accept traffic from specific sources, some limit what countries the traffic can come from, etc. Know the rules before playing the game.



Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs can be an extremely lucrative way to make money. It’s easier to get someone to fill out a lead than to pull out a credit card.

To get started, join a few affiliate networks and start promoting the offers that you think will make money!

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