A wise man once said that there’s no sense in being rich if you still have to work all the time. You can, of course, expect to be busy as one of the internet’s top earners, but this should not be because you have no other choice.

Automating your business will free you up to be able to do other things, like marketing, and help you concentrate your time on other activities that produce higher profits than, for example, reading your email.

If you can hire someone to do a task for you that can do it better, faster, or has more time on their hands, don’t shy away from outsourcing. If that means hiring an executive assistant, do it.

If that means hiring a college student to do your article marketing, that’s fine. And if you need to hire a programmer to write the code for your software project, well better them than you.

The more time you can find to spend on what makes you the most money, the faster you can increase your income.