Over the past few years, advertising on various traditional forms of media has been declining. People are less and less willing to sit through boring TV commercials for reruns, and listen to the same top 40 hits of the year on radio.

Platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion have been steadily growing in size and increase their influence, and more and more companies are spending on advertising through such media channels.

Over time, some YouTubers developed huge subscriber bases through the use of strategies, here are three of them.


1.) Good titles with good content

YouTube is full of titles that have no link to their videos, it is common for a video to have one, and then proceed to be absolutely irrelevant from the topic discussed in the title of the video, older members of the audience especially dislike having to watch something that was completely unexpected from what they had expected when they clicked on the thumbnail.

If you can use good titles whilst providing good content your audience would be initially attracted without feeling cheated. It would allow for your content to access a larger audience and get more views.

Straightforward, zero fluff titles are great, things like “5 ways to lose a pound a week!” or: “3 days to that awesome tan!” Work great, it tells the viewer what they can expect, and how many points there are.

It’s definitely helpful to your marketing if you can make good videos and get people to view them.

2.) Good images provide a good impression

There are plenty of guides that can help you make great thumbnails happen.

The thumbnail is the first thing anyone sees before clicking on a YouTube video, the actual description of the video comes after your audience sees the thumbnail.

If you can successfully make a good video thumbnail, you can even attract the attention of people who don’t even know how to read your video description!

Images that are relevant to the video title are really important, videos about weightlifting have big, strong weightlifters on their thumbnails, and videos about weight loss have a nice slim girl gracing the thumbnail.

No further explanation is needed if your thumbnail does its job.
Once they have clicked on the video, and have started watching it, you’ve successfully gotten a new viewer.


3.) Creating targeted content

Your Audience needs some reason to stick around, once they have clicked on your video, it’s time for your content to shine.

In the span of the next few minutes, you should achieve the objective of your title, educate them, entertain them, and compel them to stick about.

Human attention spans are quite short, most videos are barely five minutes long, and a fair amount of people do not even watch the first twenty seconds of the videos that they click on. Most videos are between one to three minutes for that reason.

So, if you can make content that would compel people to stay, and watch most of your video, you can have more time to be able to market to them as well. And, with greater time, you can find that your audience may grow, as your videos become more relevant and gains more value with your visitors.

I hope this article on learning from YouTube, and the 3 tips presented can help you achieve more views.