What is better than having a sales letter that converts really well? Having the customer sold before they even get to the sales letter.

This has happened to you before at some point. Your favorite actress is going to be in a new movie. You adore that actress and you don’t really care what the movie is about, because if she’s in it, you know it will be a good film as far as you’re concerned.

The same mental process comes across with preselling. You learn about something new, or get ideas about how someone could use a certain product from an article.

By the time you get to the site, your only concern is “can I afford this.” You skim the sales letter for the price and purchase.

The person is sold because they were informed, excited, and pre-qualified or targeted before they ever get to the sales page.

You can pre-sell in:

  • a content site that leads to your mini-site
  • in your ezine
  • in an article you write
  • at a seminar where you give a speech or demo
  • within your blog posts

What’s most important for you to know is that selling before the sale works – do it everywhere you can.