In our previous article, we had covered the basic steps that would allow you to start your first campaign on Reddit. So today, we will cover the various steps that you can take to optimize your Reddit ads.

Getting a good idea of how your Reddit ad works

Learning how your Reddit ads works to deliver traffic to you is an important factor. The first thing you would see on the front page of Reddit is the default landing page for all users that do not have an account.

This is a sample of the Reddit ad placement.

Now, with your ads, you have two choices, either you can have a small thumbnail with a short paragraph on the very top of the page, in front of every post, or a standard banner at the side.

While most people may choose to use the banner ad at this point, the post size ad is also a good choice if you have a good understand of Reddit.

With the top ad, you can capture their attention as and when they use Reddit. As you occupy the top space between the menu bar and the top post, your ad is in a prime location. This spot is directly above the very first post and it is the first thing that the users of Reddit will see when they login and access the front page.

While the content that is shown to them is less prominent that a giant square banner ad at the side, it will still be more visible to the users of Reddit than the banner ad because of the high chance that Redditors would see your post as they scroll from top to bottom.


Targeting Your Ads

Another thing that you should definitely take note of is your ad targeting.

As your ads will be running on a CPM basis this it is important that you get your targeting down. Or you may just end up selling your products to the wrong audience.



Subreddits are interest groups that work to provide the users, normally referred to as Redditors,  a space for them to share content about topics that they find interesting. What that means is that the content on Reddit  as a whole is divided by the subject or interest of that particular groups. These pages can have a wide variety of uses, and pages can be made for anything.

Targeting on Reddit is simpler than you think, as the general demographics available online will automatically sort themselves out as they will only subscribe to subreddits that they are interested in.

To choose the subreddits that you are interested, all you need to do is to search for a topic that is relevant to the interests of your chosen audience or demographic.

There are also related subreddits, and those will also be shown when you search for a subreddit so that you can easily select them. By selecting these subreddits you can target a larger audience without compromising your current ad effectiveness.

I hope that this article has helped you better target your audience on Reddit.