Over the past decade or so, smartphones have become commonplace. Now, it is very normal for the average person to own a smartphone, or two. While there have been great improvements in the video quality, and audio quality, people are still unable to make good, high production quality videos happen. That’s because the phone may have a high quality camera that can take excellent images and videos, but it would definitely not possess the additional features that would be needed for your video to have production quality that is on par with most professional video setups.

As technology improves, we have many new devices that could assist us in video production, even at a budget. Here, we will take a look at how you can drastically improve your video and audio quality, and make polished, professional looking videos with just your smartphone.

There are three key areas that can be improved, for the average video. Namely, these areas would be the video stability, lighting, and audio quality.

A Shakycam image isn’t very useful, even with professional cameras.

Video Stability

Stabilizing video is quite a simple affair recently, with many devices coming up in the past few years that provide stable video for a very low price.

Stabilization rigs have gone down in price, the thousand dollar rigs of the past have been replaced by simple and easy to use 3 axis gyroscopic stabilizers that can be used by anyone with nearly no training at all.

For less than a good meal for the whole family, you can get a 30 dollar stabilizer for your cameraphone or DSLR, if you have one. And for twice of that, you can get a rig that would be able to provide a more stable experience.

With these, you can take smoother video without much experience on how to use expensive professional stabling rigs.

There are also cheap motorized options that provide an absolutely butter smooth video stabilization experience.

Lights, camera, action!


Lighting is more difficult, there are plenty of options that will provide better image quality, and they will perform differently to the conditions that are currently at hand. An LED light would useless when you’re outdoors, but a reflector can’t reflect any light if there is no light at night. Lamps are very powerful, and very cheap, but they won’t work if they have no power source.

With Lighting you will have to think of the best choice for you. If you have a space that you could make into a home studio, you would be better off with a few cheap lamps from your local big box store. However if you spend most of your time filming outdoors you would benefit from a portable video light. If you’re on a tight budget even a flashlight would do a decent job.

Microphones can mean a whole world of difference, for good and bad audio.

Audio is the easiest to improve, and it does not cost much at all for you to get professional sounding audio equipment. For most smartphone users, the go to mic has always been the Videomic Go and Me microphones. With these two mics, you can get excellent audio quality without spending hundreds of dollars on a nice Shure mic.

If you are looking for other microphone designs, you could also consider the lavelier, condenser, and lapel mics available on the market. These microphones are able do better in specialized situations, while Rode mics are more suitable for general usage.

With all this information at your fingertips, you can now make your videos look and sound clearer, and without spending an insane amount on a production crew.